Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let the chatter begin

Several have requested that I begin a blog. I guess it won't attempt to duplicate or contain the content of the material I already have out there, but I might use it for shorter rants and other material.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, Chuck!

Don't tolerate sycophants currying favor, eh? How about a sycophant curry, perhaps over some basmati rice?

Anonymous said...

I second bc's welcome to BLOG world. We agree on a lot of things, and disagree on a lot of others; but no matter; your material is mandatory reading for me.

Maybe OU will get another chance to smack "Saint F___g Tebow" around next season. There's the nontrivial matter of winning the regular season (including shutting up the Whorns) to get through first.