Friday, January 9, 2009

The taste of bitter defeat

Not a happy feeling, tonight. My OU Sooners lost the BCS National Championship game 14-24 to the University of Florida Gators. Would it have been better if OU hadn't even made it to this game, but settled for a lesser bowl? I don't think so, but getting this close and seeing it go away in the 3rd and 4th quarters is hard to take. At least it wasn't another blowout loss, but a hard-fought game that ended badly for my team.

Does this college football stuff really matter? In the overall scheme of things, clearly the answer is a resounding "No!" A championship win or loss doesn't mean squat in the game of life. I know that, and I'll get over it in time ... but tonight, it sucks, big time. The worst part is the crowing by the obnoxious Gator fans (and their partners, the never-to-be-sufficiently-damned University of Texas fans who took pleasure in OU's loss). But, it's inevitable in sports - the calendar moves on and a new season begins next fall. Hope springs eternal. At least I can clear out all the crap I'd accumulated in anticipation of an 8th National Championship for OU. It can go onto the heap of stuff to go out for recycling this week. Maybe next year.

No excuses - Florida won the game and was the better team on the field. My congratulations to the few Gator fans who're able to show some class. The rest of them can go straight to hell, along with Mr. Saint F__-ing Tebow. Maybe the worst part of it was his sanctimonious pointing skyward at the end of the game. Did he think his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was responsible for his victory? What about his two interceptions? Did he lay the blame on Jesus for those, too? Or were those the Devil's doing?

The Fox announcers of the game were falling all over themselves in praise of Saint F___-ing Tebow for the whole game. It made me want to puke. I hope he goes pro instead of coming back, so some crazed NFL linebacker can knock the "John 3:16" stickers off his cheeks! I guess I'm not feeling very generous toward this sanctimonious bastard tonight. My bad. I'll probably get over it. Probably. Well ... maybe.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Let the chatter begin

Several have requested that I begin a blog. I guess it won't attempt to duplicate or contain the content of the material I already have out there, but I might use it for shorter rants and other material.