Sunday, January 29, 2012

OK folks ... One more time

If you offer comments about any of my blogs, you must include your full, real name (e.g., Bill Murray).  I will not publish comments from people using incomplete names (e.g., BillM), or pseudonyms (e.g., GroundHogDay)!  If you're not willing to abide by this rule, don't waste your time and mine by sending comments on my blog entries.  I won't publish them!  If you use a false full name and I find out about it, your comments will be deleted immediately.  I have no use for "keyboard warriors" hiding behind anonymity to say whatever.  If you're not willing to own your own words, why are you bothering me?


Garrett Fornea said...

Speaking of Bill Murray, are you a fan of Bill Murray?

Chuck Doswell said...

Yes. Kinda off-topic, though.